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Sharing stories of not just being invited to the party but dancing 

Cover art by Nila Joseph

Why Inclusive Occupations?

Imagine a world where differences in abilities is not a cause for inequity.
Imagine a world that thrives on true interdependence and respect.
Imagine a world where everyone feels fulfilled.
Imagine a world where everyone belongs.

Lofty but perhaps worthy ambitions?

Schools are places where the future of our society is nurtured. When children and youth experience an authentically inclusive school, they are likely to create an authentically inclusive future society. But the seeds must be sown, the environment must be nurtured and the work needs to be done!


Inclusive Occupations Podcast is just about that: informing, inspiring and empowering us to create authentically inclusive schools and communities where everyone feels belonged.

Who is this Podcast for?

Inclusive Occupations is for school-based occupational therapists and all those who work in education and desire to become agents of inclusion within their communities.

Everyone desires inclusion. Tools and ideas to put that into action are quite essential. Often hearing from someone who has done that can get our wheels turning. Becoming informed about what research has shown will also help us move in the right direction. Understanding different truths will raise our consciousness to think and act with greater awareness.

The Inclusive Occupations podcast is for us to learn more and act towards creating an authentically inclusive society.

A Special Note on Occupations and Occupational Therapists

You may understand “Inclusive”. But what about Occupations? Does it mean “jobs?” 
Answer: Maybe...but there is more!

Occupations are everyday activities (including jobs) we engage in (occupy ourselves with) that bring us meaning and purpose. The outcome of good health and happiness is fully participating in life’s meaningful activities called “occupations". Participation in meaningful activities is also the means to good health and happiness. Individuals with disabilities are more vulnerable to missing out on participating fully in the different dimensions of life’s occupations.


Occupational Therapists are unique professionals who work in schools and other areas of human service predominantly with individuals who experience occupational deprivation and occupational injustice. They help create meaning through successful participation in life’s occupations. Their understanding of the different dimensions to participation is unique yet challenging to articulate.


Throughout history, occupational therapy practitioners have stepped up to meet the needs of society by building skill sets and grounding them in occupational science to impact positive changes.

Schools must utilize their expertise in facilitating inclusive physical and social spaces.

This podcast calls for OTs to become empowered agents of inclusion through advocacy and

informed efforts.

Although this podcast has a specific interest in informing occupation therapists in schools,

everything shared here is equally applicable for educators, therapists, counselors, psychologists, and other members of the educational team and beyond.

Who are the Guests?

The people we share the platform with are teachers, therapists, researchers, thought leaders and change makers, who have enabled an inclusive world in their own capacities. Through rich conversations with these exemplars, we hope to become informed, inspired and empowered to be agents of inclusion within our schools and communities.

Some Testimonials

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